Craft Labels For Hobbies & Business: A Few Ideas

So how have craft labels got anything to do with this statement? … Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Britain. Many very successful businesses start as hobbies or interests and grow into a business in their own right. These companies are often successful because the owner will love what they do: it’s not a 9 to… Continue reading Craft Labels For Hobbies & Business: A Few Ideas

Sticker Marketing: Design Your Own Campaign

    Guerrilla marketing is a concept that still fascinates the world of advertising even 30 years since the phrase was coined. The term ‘guerrilla’ itself is fairly straightforward, meaning to use unusual or atypical tactics in order to accomplish any given goal. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that guerrilla marketing is very similar… Continue reading Sticker Marketing: Design Your Own Campaign

Remove of sticky label residue: 10 tips

Sticky labels are a great invention: they have so many purposes, from keeping track of the contents of containers to being used to display prices when selling products.

Environmentally Friendly Labels: What Are Recycled and Biodegradable Labels?

More and more companies are switching to biodegradable packaging in a bid to reduce their environmental impact. But those green credentials can go up in a cloud of acrid, pollutant-filled smoke thanks to a label that is neither biodegradable nor recycled.