Get Smart with Pre-Printed Labels


We’ve all had the experience of receiving a less-than-smart package through the post. If you’re a company that wants to encourage return customers – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – it can really help to make the right impression every step of the way. A dull or messy address label has practical implications too, as it can prevent the receiver from having a clear idea of how to get in touch with you. All in all, it pays to make a bit of effort to get everything shipshape with your postage from the very beginning. But how do you ensure that what you’re sending is up to standard? Here are some tips on the hows and whys of pre-printed labels, with a few helpful hints along the way.


What is the Purpose of Printed Labels?

sticky-address-labelThere really isn’t a substitute for a good first impression. These days, there are plenty of online businesses that offer posted goods, but many of them neglect the basics of presentation that used to be the bedrock of posted products. A scrawled return address can lead to confusion and a general impression of not caring about the product you’re shipping. It’s all about consistency really: a clear, printed return address gives the impression of a business that you can rely on. This is even more important with printed labels that relate to the contents of the package. Having a personalised ‘fragile’ label is essential if you want the receiver to feel you’ve taken the right precautions with their order. You also reduce the possibility of delivery errors by making everything about your package as clearly as possible.


Where can you go for Printed Labels?

Making labels yourself can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Not only do you have to find the materials, but if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to learn proficiency with design programs and printing applications in order to make something that looks professional. But fear not – there are websites out there that allow you to design and create labels yourself through an easy to use the online application, while they do the hard work of calibrating and printing for you. You can even find options that allow you to include personal graphics, so that gives you the best of both worlds – a personalised feel to your packaging labels, with none of the fuss.

A great place to start your search for printed labels is Here you’ll find a professional system for customising your labels down to the finest detail. They can also get your labels to you extremely quickly, within the space of three days, so that means a lot less time spent hanging around. Check out the range of designs and options for yourself to get an idea of what’s on offer – you’ll find there’s a lot more to choose from than you might think.


What Kind of Things can you Customise?

sticky-adrees-stickerPutting your personal mark on labelling is a great idea. Colour is a good option if you’re looking to create a memorable design, or if you want to create a sense of fun or style. You can even have gold-tinted labels for an impression of excellence. Likewise, coloured text can be a good feature, although you should think carefully about how you deploy these options together, you don’t want to make something too jarring. Labels don’t have to be the same shape – circular examples can give a softer impression to your packaging.

Images and artwork are also a great option. You’ll usually find with the printing service that there is a range of graphics to choose from. Obviously, you don’t want to make things look too wacky if you’re presenting a professional company, but a memorable image can help a customer to remember you and your services when the time comes. We all know how effective a logo of a company can be in advertising – just look at top examples such as Apple and Coca-Cola – so try to find a good, simple, easily-recognisable image.

If you’re creative, and you have confidence in design or artwork, you might consider submitting an image of your own making. This is a brilliant way of personalising your labels – whether it’s a small image next to the return address or a little graphic beside a ‘fragile’ sign. Keep things clear and simple for the best results, as the image may be quite small once it’s actually on the packaging.


Find your Perfect Printed Labels Today

So there you have it; there’s really no reason not to use professional, printed labels if you want to make the right impression. Plus, with great online services on offer, it’s easier than ever to get exactly the result you’re looking for. Simply check out the options yourself and get creating.


By Gideon Hall

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