Conservation Trusts Opts for Biodegradable Labels

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has chosen Sticky Labels for biodegradable labels to be stuck onto its biodegradable, compostable pots.

Annie Ives of the Trust contacted us as follows… “I work for Bumblebee Conservation Trust – a national charity working to protect our 24 native species of bumblebee through education, engagement and science-led practical conservation. My project, Pollinating the Peak, are holding a free family event on Saturday 5th May and would be using these stickers to label the plants that we give away to all families attending, creating a bumblebee friendly plant network across the county of Derbyshire. We are keen to use your stickers on our biodegradable, compostable pots but need to keep our costs to a minimum and also need guaranteed delivery before the event date.”

We soon clarified Annie’s label requirements and sent her a proof. This was approved and within a few hours, her labels were printed and ready for dispatch – from enquiry to dispatch within 24 hours!


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    By Gideon Hall

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