All you need to know about Printed Labels

Printed labels serve a variety of purposes in our daily lives, from identifying products and packages to providing important information and warnings. Whether they are applied to products in a manufacturing setting or used in the organisation of personal belongings, printed labels play a crucial role in helping us to identify and keep track of the things we use and depend on.

10 ways of Using Stickers and Labels


All you need to know about Printed Labels

Printed labels serve a variety of purposes in our daily lives, from identifying products and packages to providing important information and warnings. Whether they are applied to products in a manufacturing setting or used in the organization of personal belongings, printed labels play a crucial role in helping us to identify and keep track of the things we use and depend on.

A simple but brilliant marketing tool

Whatever line of business you are in, custom stickers are a versatile solution to many of your professional needs. Plain labels, suitable for inkjet printers and photocopiers, are a powerful marketing tool that can also help you to speedily organise the busiest workplace so that your business runs efficiently.

A Sticky Label for Everything

Better yet, designing your very own personalised sticky labels online is so easy!

Removal of sticky label residue: 10 tips


10 Great uses for Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels are hugely underrated in our honest opinion. They have a wide range of uses, from highly practical to entirely pointless (but fun), which we’d like to share with you.

6 Reasons NOT To Print Your Own Stickers And Avoid Bloody “Life Hacks”!

The internet is saturated with lots guides (or “life hacks” as they seem to be called these days) that encourage you to create things, make stuff and generally have a crack at doing things yourself. Well, that is fine and dandy, but we can tell you that when we’ve tried a lot of these things, it’s just not turned out right.

6 Uses For Waterproof Vinyl Labels

Did you know: The stickers that we print are created by exactly the same processes as the stickers and decals that you see on vans and cars for companies. You know that if they work on a vehicle and stand up to the English weather then they’ll pretty much survive any abuse!

5 Novel Uses Of Labels


Would you Eat a Watermelon that Smiled at You?


Are you Stuck Up?


The Best Printed Labels Online


Brand your Business with Sticky Labels


Calorie Labels to be Fitted to Staircases

I’ve seen many interesting uses of labels over the years and read with interest a recent news story in the Telegraph announcing that staircases will be labelled with calorie-counting signs designed to boost exercise amongst office workers.

Where Can I Get My Business Stickers Printed: FAST?


Christmas Stickers That We Think You’ll Love!


Coca-Cola Personalised Name Labels – Why It’s a Genius Idea!

There’s something about personalisation that makes things that much more desirable – a personalised number plate, a monogrammed bath towel or a mug with your name on – something you can own that is truly unique.

Conservation Trusts Opts for Biodegradable Labels

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has chosen Sticky Labels for biodegradable labels to be stuck onto its biodegradable, compostable pots.

Could more Informative Food Labelling Help People in the UK Make Better Choices?


Craft Labels For Hobbies & Business: A Few Ideas

So how have craft labels got anything to do with this statement?

Custom Printed Paper Labels – Our Best Seller!


Designing Your Own Sticky Labels Just Got Easier!


E Liquid Stickers: Where To Buy Them


Election Stickers: Custom Printed


Environmentally Friendly Labels: What Are Recycled and Biodegradable Labels?


Five Ways Labels are Crucial to Modern Life


Five Ways to Use Sticky Labels in Your Hobby or Crafts


Get Smart with Pre-Printed Labels


Get Your Packaging Right This Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches, people start to think about the messages they will send over the festive season. These can be the words they say in traditional or festive ecards or on gift labels attached to presents. Some are to the closest of family or friends, others to that couple they exchanged addresses with fifteen years ago in Benidorm.

How Personalised Stationery can Improve your Business

For some companies, personalised stationery can sometimes seem a bit unnecessary. Why use a branded pen when you could use an unbranded pen? The answer is simple: when carefully thought about and executed brilliantly, personalised stationery is an excellent way of increasing your company’s productivity and brand identity; it can also be a way to create cheap and diverse advertising for yourself. When you measure the costs against the benefits, personalised stationery can start to feel like a very cheap, yet effective, marketing method, with plenty of benefits. Below, we have compiled some of our top tips on how to select the stationary products with the most potential and how they can reward your business.

Label Fails and How To Avoid Them (Warning: Offensive Images!)


Make a Statement with Coloured Labels


Labels – Back to Basics

Need a Company That Prints Stickers?


Mysterious Sticky Labels Appearing on London’s Central Line


New Hazard Symbols For Labels – CLP Regulations

Changes to Chemical Warning Labelling – CHIP to CLP Regulations

Our Favourite Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns: Using Stickers!

Guerrilla marketing is everywhere: a low-cost advertising option that can, if done well, see a huge return on investment. This type of marketing is a more unconventional way of getting a brand’s message across – often used by smaller businesses with lower marketing budgets, but also now being used more widely by big name brands.

Plain Labels – They can do more than you might think!


Printed Labels For Businesses

Wherever you are, have a look around – next time you’re in a shop, at a school, in a hospital, look around.

Printed Labels For Warehouse Racking

– Delivery of wrong items to clients

Printed Stationery: Ideal for Promoting your Business!


Royal Mail PPI Labels


Setting Labels Line By Line In The 70’s

It was fascinating to see the cover of this month’s Print Monthly Magazine showing an operator working diligently at his Intertype machine. When I first joined the company back in 1988, we were still using the old Intertype machines to set lines of text for printed labels. Actually, I remember a visit to the British Museum and my father commenting that the Intertype machine they had on display there was actually newer than the Linotype machine he was using at the time!

Sticker Marketing: Design Your Own Campaign


Stickers for E Liquid & Vape Bottles


Sticky Labels Has A New Home Page!


Sticky labels that stand up to the elements

Sticky labels are really versatile and their uses are many and varied, but we all know the slimy mess which results from paper labels mixed with rain. It needn’t be that way, though. Labels for all weathers and uses are available, and Sticky Labels has a product for every occasion.

Sustainable Energy and Sticky Labels

Here at Sticky Labels, we’re passionate about moving with the times and providing not only eco-friendly labels but ensuring we have systems in place to make our business as environmentally-conscious as possible.

The 10 Funniest Bumper Stickers


The Birth of Stickers


The History of the Self Adhesive Label


The Importance of Correct Labelling


The Importance of Using Environmentally Friendly Labels


The key to success in your business: Customised company literature

Business cards are an imperative part of a business. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in; whether you work as a dog groomer, an accountant, a journalist, a stockbroker – or just about any other profession – business cards are an imperative tool for success. Business cards serve as a marketing tool from which contacts can remember you by. Generally speaking, business cards contain your name and title, company name, address, email address and at least one telephone number. Sometimes they may be emblazoned with the company logo or directions to your office or store; business cards are completely versatile and unique to your company or specialism. Business Stickers have become just as important though and can be applied to just about anything: Meaning you can brand anything, anywhere.

Think you know how to use labels and stickers? Think again…


Unusual Uses for Stickers In Advertising

When most people think of stickers their first thought might be of the football albums we used to collect as children. However, from a marketer’s point of view, stickers can be an amazingly adaptable product. They are a unique way to gain exposure for your brand, and while they are also quite cheap the best thing about stickers is how fun using them can be.

Using Colour in your Labels to Increase Sales


Using the Sticky Labels’ Label Designer (Real Label Design Example)


Warning Stickers That Really Fail to Get the Message Across

Waterproof Stickers and Their Uses

Waterproof stickers and labels are designed to endure daily outdoor use and defy the wear and tear caused by the rough British weather. The stickers are excellent for using on non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass and smooth wood. There are, in fact, limitless uses for these versatile stickers. Your company logo can easily be applied to cars, vans, bikes, boats, windows and outdoor furniture. You can even use these stickers in places where they are liable to be sprayed or submerged in water.

Why Barcodes make Life Easier in Business


Why Business Labels are Important to your Business

Why your business needs Asset Labels

If you or your staff ever have difficulty keeping track of the portable property of the business, it may be time to consider instituting a new tracking system employing asset or security labels. You can label anything from shipping containers through computer equipment to stationery items with numbered asset tags or sticky labels, meaning you’ll never again shudder at the thought of an inventory.

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