A simple but brilliant marketing tool


Whatever line of business you are in, custom stickers are a versatile solution to many of your professional needs. Plain labels, suitable for inkjet printers and photocopiers, are a powerful marketing tool that can also help you to speedily organise the busiest workplace so that your business runs efficiently.

sandwich-labelsUses for Paper Labels

You can use them for address labels to give your mail a more professional look. They stick down easily without any tearing or ripping which is very important if you have large quantities of envelopes to address. If you need to label items so that they can be tracked more easily, the adhesive will easily peel off without leaving a residue.

Customisable Labels

Plain labels can be customised to include your own logos and designs. In addition, the labels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and colours so that you can give your business a distinctive edge with bespoke labelling that will enhance your brand image. Administration tasks can be made easier with plain labels. Increase efficiency by labelling folders, files, binders, drawers, cabinets, storage areas, paper-trays and supplies.

barcode-labelLabels for eBay Sellers

If you’re an eBay seller, the plain labels make impressive address and return labels. They are also perfect for labelling pallets or for organising goods on shelving. You can label packages, parcels and boxes in a way that makes tampering evident. Workstations can be labelled to make operations more efficient and professional. Maybe you need to track parts of a delivery? Each item can be securely labelled to ensure that everything is present and correct.


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