Would you Eat a Watermelon that Smiled at You?

    It might seem like a strange question, but actually, it is rather topical. On June 23, 2013, the European Union formally gave its backing to the use of iron oxides and hydroxides in the labels for food. The move paved the way for changes in the way fresh produce is marketed and identified,… Continue reading Would you Eat a Watermelon that Smiled at You?

The Importance of Correct Labelling

  All food and drink products sold in the UK are subject to a set of mandatory standards. These standards don’t just apply to the food (or drink) itself, as there are also several legal requirements attached to the packaging of goods as set out by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). Mislabelling… Continue reading The Importance of Correct Labelling

Our Favourite Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns: Using Stickers!

Guerrilla marketing is everywhere: a low cost advertising option that can, if done well, see a huge return on investment. This type of marketing is a more unconventional way of getting a brand’s message across – often used by smaller businesses with lower marketing budgets, but also now being used more widely by big name brands.

Mysterious Sticky Labels Appearing on London’s Central Line

Since April 2011 there has been numerous high quality stickers and labels appearing on trains using London’s Central Line on the Tube. They are humorous and satirical in nature and range from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Plain Labels – They can do more than you might think!

Whatever line of business you are in, plain paper labels are a versatile solution to many of your professional needs. Suitable for inkjet printers and photocopiers, they are a powerful marketing tool that are versatile enough to suit many requirements:

Why your business needs Asset Labels

If you or your staff ever have difficulty keeping track of the portable property of the business, it may be time to consider instituting a new tracking system employing asset labels.

Waterproof Stickers and Their Uses

Waterproof vinyl stickers and labels are designed to endure daily outdoor use and defy the wear and tear caused by the rough British weather. The stickers are excellent for using on non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass and smooth wood.

New Hazard Symbols For Labels – CLP Regulations

Changes to Chemical Warning Labelling – CHIP to CLP Regulations If you are labelling chemicals or potentially hazardous substances, you should be aware of the change from the CHIP to CLP symbols or pictograms. Currently, the two symbologies are running side by side, although the CLP regulations came into force in January 2009. This has… Continue reading New Hazard Symbols For Labels – CLP Regulations

The key to success in your business: Customised company literature

Business cards are an imperative part of business. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in; whether you work as a dog groomer, an accountant, a journalist, a stock broker – or just about any other profession – business cards are an imperative tool for success.

Royal Mail PPI Labels

Postage Print Impressions (PPIs) are perfect for when you are sending large quantities of mail. PPIs are the simple alternative to time intensive postage stamps and franking machines…