Think you know how to use labels and stickers? Think again…

We all know the common uses of labels and stickers; providing garment care instructions, marking property as our own, sticking to jars and tins so we know what’s inside, and many more.

The History of the Barcode

The barcode is something with which most of us are familiar and which is largely taken for granted nowadays. Its origins and development go back to the middle of the last century

The Importance of Correct Labelling

  All food and drink products sold in the UK are subject to a set of mandatory standards. These standards don’t just apply to the food (or drink) itself, as there are also several legal requirements attached to the packaging of goods as set out by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). Mislabelling… Continue reading The Importance of Correct Labelling

The History of the Self Adhesive Label

  Every now and again, something comes along that really changes the way that we live our lives. In that somewhat foggy, confused world where business and personal lives intersect, a single invention can change everything. It’s not just a matter of convenience or even practicality; these particular landmarks of human ingenuity turn everything upside… Continue reading The History of the Self Adhesive Label

Why your business needs Asset Labels

If you or your staff ever have difficulty keeping track of the portable property of the business, it may be time to consider instituting a new tracking system employing asset labels.