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Void Labels

VOID labels are essential for marking property that you do not want interfered with as tamper-proof.


VOID Text Appears If Label Is Torn

If the label is attached to block access to the internal workings of items such as appliances, it means that if anyone peels it away a permanent "VOID" lettering written in foil will be left behind. This is incredibly useful for complex machine items such as computers or electronics but may also provide a range of applications for electricians, plumbers or engineers.

VOID stickers provide a cost-effective way of securely marking any property that should only be accessed by a trained professional or at-a-glance assurance that an item has not been tampered with.

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Printed on silver vinyl, these VOID labels can be customised with your own print on top but if peeled, will reveal the VOID message underneath.



Rectangular only:

20mm x 10mm

37mm x 24mm

51mm x 29mm

74mm x 24mm

76mm x 49mm


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