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Tactile Triangle Warning Labels For E Liquid

Tactile Triangle Warning Labels For E Liquid & Vape Juice

These popular hazard warning triangles are legally required in the UK to feature on every bottle of e liquid.

To remain in accordance with UK regulations, every bottle of e liquid must conform to the Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply Regulations 2009 and present a

Tactile triangle vape labels

raised triangular warning sticker that works in the same way as braille to indicate that potentially hazardous liquid is contained within. All e liquid labels and e juice packaging must carry a tactile warning triangle label danger in accordance with EN ISO 11683.

All labels are transparent allowing clear vision of the bottle or labels underneath so you will not be obscuring your brand or vital information about the vape juice within.Size: The standard tactile triangle label is 25mm in size with a raised equilateral triangle which has 20mm sides.

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Applying tactile triangle labels to e liquid bottles:

As these are often machine applied, it is useful to have black registration marks on the back of the strip to allow automatic label application. They are supplied on a roll for machine use but can be easily applied by hand if shorter runs are being manufactured.

Note: It is essential that you comply with EN ISO 11683 as a supplier of e liquid, you should be using tactile triangle labels in line with existing legislation and potentially avoid causing harm to a blind or partially sighted person.