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Security Labels

Our printed security labels are used from London to Kenya! They have all sorts of uses in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as for applications where a tamper-evident label is required to show if a product has been opened or unscrewed.

We offer printed tamper-evident and void vinyl labels on rolls with single colour print in a variety of rectangular sizes and they can be easily numbered and/or barcoded. The labels all have permanent adhesive and are available in quantities from 250 labels upwards.

If you can't see the size that you want, please contact us for a price and availability. Remember, all our prices include VAT and FREE UK mainland delivery! We dispatch within just 2 working days.

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Custom-Printed Security Labels:

Before choosing from the selection of our printed security labels or “Asset Labels” you may wish to learn a little more about the following two categories:


Tamper Evident Labels & Stickers

Formed from “break-away permanent adhesive and vinyl”, our tamper evident labels can be custom printed to your specifications and are perfect for business and home users.

These labels are often known as “highly destructible stickers” or “ultra destruct stickers” because they are extremely difficult to remove completely. If you try to remove the labels by peeling, they will crack into lots of tiny pieces and protect your equipment by being nearly impossible to remove entirely. This will not only deter would-be thieves but it will also help the recovery of equipment and electronics if lost or stolen.

Personalised Security Labels: We can custom print anything you like on the tamper evident labels themselves: You can add your own text, logos or barcodes and consecutively number the labels if you wish to keep tabs on individual pieces of equipment or property.

Fast Print & Dispatch: We can print and dispatch our labels within 2 to 4 working days so you will have peace of mind that your items are protected and the labels with be with you: Fast!

Application: Apply tamper evident security labels to flat, dry, smooth surfaces and firmly press on to ensure the stickers make even contact. Once application is made, the labels should stand up to damp and wet conditions without smudging or fading and will last for years.


VOID Labels

VOID labels are often known as “Warranty Labels” or “Tamper-proof” labels because you will have seen them commonly used to ensure that equipment is not opened or tampered with: You can instantly see if the foil is broken, cut or peeled as the “VOID” foil text is visible meaning that the item has been interfered with.

Visible Security Labels: VOID labels act as a clear deterrent to would-be tamperers but also leave a lasting mark if someone does decide to tear the label off or cut it. If peeled, the VOID sticker will clearly leave the word ”VOID” on the surface of the item and you’ll be able to see evidence of tampering. This is particularly useful for ensuring that assets and equipment are maintained only by those who should have direct access to them and that warranties are VOID if the sticker is removed. You may wish to carry a stock of VOID labels which can be replaced when you need to repair of service an item and break the old label.

Customised & Printed Quickly: Our VOID Labels can be fully customised to include your logos, messages, text, barcodes or consecutive numbering. The “VOID” message will be retained on the secondary part of the sticker, once the top part of your printed message has been removed. We can print and dispatch within 2 to 4 days: guaranteed.

Application: VOID labels should be applied to a dry, smooth surface but can be bent around edges and corners to ensure that the desired area is covered. Due to the nature of the vinyl from which the labels are formed, they should last many, many years and stand up to damp conditions without wear so they can protect your equipment for a very long time and instantly reveal any tampering with the item.