Biodegradable Labels

What Important Things You Should Know About Biodegradable Labels?

What is biodegradable? Everybody will be familiar with this term. Any particular item that can break down in natural elements and return to nature in the organic form can be termed as a biodegradable item.

We all use biodegradable items in some form or other in our daily lives. These items, after usage and discarding, in a short span of time decompose into normal elements. As we are struggling to find ways to make use of natural and biodegradable elements more and more in the face of increasing plastic wastage threat; such items are a welcome change to contribute to a greener future.

Biodegradable Labels

Whether buying a new product, or if you consider any item’s packaging, labelling is an important aspect that not only details statutory information, but adds to the item’s aesthetics. In present times, the norm has changed to use biodegradable and ecological materials to produce labels and stickers rather than plastic and other non-biodegradable items wherever possible.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, more and more labelling industries are turning to decomposable supplies to create labels, thus decreasing the toxic waste arising out of packaging.

What are Some Examples of Eco-Friendly Labels?

Talking about biodegradable labels, there is not one specific material or type that you will find, but in an assortment of varieties. These include shrink sleeve labels that are used without any glue. Stickers made from kraft papers are also gaining popularity as these are created using 100% recycled leftovers. The brown appearance of kraft paper also means a blended labelling on cardboard packaging which appears neat and clear. Apart from these, several other materials are being used to create biodegradable labels, such as sugarcane, corn, bamboo and many more.

What to Consider When Opting for Biodegradable Labels?

Switching to biodegradable labels isn’t only about going green for yourself and for environment, but is an aspect that is well liked by your customers. In fact, adapting to biodegradable packaging means that you have a great marketing factor to promote.

Before picking the right biodegradable material for packaging labelling means that you should consider the delicate nature of your products, specifics of packaging, what type of product packages the labels are required, transportation factors and so.

And going biodegradable in product labelling isn’t something that would alter your budget, as the cost for producing these labels is only slightly higher than producing non-biodegradable labels.


Going for a change in a simple yet useful item for product packaging, biodegradable labels, will help you confirm your intention towards going green, creating a positive public image and helping save the environment.

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