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Biodegradable Labels

Our biodegradable labels and stickers are made from white, wood-free, elemental chlorine free, non-coated paper with a permanent acrylic adhesive which conforms to the standard EN13432.

They can be applied to a compostable packaging that will still be considered as compostable according to EN13432 if the label represents less than 1% of the total weight of the packaging.

We print the eco-friendly labels in-house and offer full-colour print on rolls. As the labels are not coated, they have a matt finish which is in keeping with most organic and environmentally friendly products.

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If you need an alternative label material, please see our Coloured & Shaped labels page.

Bio-Degradable Labels & Eco-Friendly Stickers For Business: 

If you are eco-conscious and wish to project sustainability into your business then it's certainly worth considering the use of eco-friendly labels. Product packaging can be very detrimental to the environment and even if you use eco-friendly packaging, you may not have considered that the label attached to that packing is either non-recycled or may take a great number of years to decompose. 

Our biodegradable labels and stickers comply with EN13432 standards to ensure that:

  • They do not contain volatile matter such as heavy metals
  • They will biodegrade into CO2, water and minerals within 6 months
  • Their decomposition will pass eco-toxicity tests

... Ensuring that your eco-friendly labels won't cost the earth!

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