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Clear Labels With White Print

Clear_Labels_With_White_PrintOur clear vinyl labels with white print (regular colours also available) are excellent for showing up on dark backgrounds, eliminating the solid white or coloured labels you normally see. These transparent stickers look extremely professional and their completely see-through properties mean you can display the product or item they are applied to, through the vinyl sticker itself.

Create your custom clear vinyl labels with white print HERE and choose "Gloss Clear Vinyl" at Step 3.

Few printing companies in the UK can produce labels with white text or images on transparent stickers as specialist printers are required to do so. You can customise every aspect of the label and create completely bespoke stickers. You may find the full range of colours available for printing from other sticker printing companies but very few are able to print in white!

Custom Transparent Labels With White Print

Special Features:

  • Clear stickers with white text and images
  • You specify the size and shape of the transparent sticker

  • Digitally printed for high resolution & quality

  • Waterproof vinyl

  • Hard-wearing

  • Will last for years

  • Die-cut to any shape
  • Almost any other colour is available


Because the sticker is transparent and the print is white, these labels are perfect for any application onto a dark background. A good example would be coloured bottles or electrical equipment. Because they are suitable for any coloured background we sell to a range of industries for a range of uses:

  • Perfect for promotional products

  • Great for address and contact details

  • Use them for branding or marketing

  • Mark company items & property with your details

  • Pharmaceutical products can be easily labelled

  • Fantastic for labelling bottles

There are, of course, a multitude of uses for these labels. The only limit is your imagination! Feel free to head over to our label designer using the link at the top of the page and get started now! 

Here are a few examples...

clear-vinyl-custom-cut raf-stricker-vinyl wine-bottle-vinyl-label