It's never been more important to ensure peace of mind over hygienic methods of packaging than it is right now. With Corvid-19 at the forefront of people's awareness, companies and individuals should ensure that basic steps are being taken to lower the risk of infection. 

If you're providing a service that requires dispatching packages via mail then a simple sticker marking the contents of the package as clean can go a long way. These labels clearly state: "Clean: The contents of this parcel have been handled with gloved hands."

  • 76mm x 49mm Radiant Yellow Paper Labels
  • Black Print
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Supplied in Rolls of 1,000 labels
  • Ideal for all parcels etc to reassure your customers of your hygiene precautions when packing their products.
  • Reassure your customers about the measures you are taking with respect to Coronavirus and potentially infectious contents.
  • Available for immediate dispatch


It may not seem like a lot; simply adding a label to a package to let the recipient know that precautions were taken when the item was dispatched, but it can go a long way to reassure someone that you've gone over and above to ensure their safety. 

With the rise of Covid-19, a little reassurance can go a long way and show that you've acted with a great amount of professionalism and decency. These brightly-coloured labels instantly convey that message and show that you're mindful of the health and concerns of others. 

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