Personalised Stationery

Whether you urgently need full-colour laminated business cards, litho printed letterheads or compliment slips, or if you would like quality printed pens showing your company or society details, we have a wide choice of personalised stationery. Our self-inking rubber stamps are produced with digital technology so that you can have the highest possible print quality.

All these personalised items are available to order online now.

Laser Labels
Plain Labels

Unprinted Labels

Rectangular A4 InkJet/Laser Labels
A wide range of industry-standard A4 sheeted labels, which are suitable for use in laser printers, inkjet printers or copiers.
Coloured A4 InkJet/Laser Labels
Four popular sizes of coloured A4 labels in red, blue, green or yellow paper.
Shaped A4 InkJet/Laser Labels
A wide choice of square, oval or circular laser labels - suitable for use in laser printers, inkjet printers or copiers.
Plain Labels
Useful dispensers of a wide range of peelable rectangular and circular labels.
Whether you require coloured laser labels, circular inkjet labels, oval A4 labels or standard Avery compatible labels, we can offer a wide range of label shapes and sizes.

The laser labels are all die cut, and suitable for printing through your inkjet printer, laser printer or copier, and our range includes:
  • Die-cut laser labels
  • Inkjet printer labels
  • Inkjet vinyl labels
  • Inkjet round labels
  • Oval inkjet labels
  • Die cut colour laser labels
  • Coloured inkjet labels
  • Waterproof inkjet labels
  • Waterproof laser labels
We also offer a range of unprinted labels on rolls such as coloured spots and small rectangular labels.

Disclaimer: *Avery and the Avery Product Codes e.g. "Avery L7160" are trademarks of the Avery Dennison Corporation. These products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Corporation.

We use the Avery product codes e.g. "Avery L7160" as these codes refer to size formats that are found in most common software packages. Please refer to printer manufacturer's instructions prior to use.

Ordering Address Labels? Need 1000 labels? 100,000 labels? Plain die-cut laser labels? All with Free Delivery

Do you just need plain labels, plain adhesive labels or a large volume of die cut plain labels? No problem. And we'll get you what you need at prices we think will surprise you. Low prices and high quality labels - not 'cheap' plain labels.

Our laser labels are die cut to give you the best quality at the keenest prices - with no delivery charge.

We'll supply plain labels in all shapes, colours and sizes, including:

  • Die-cut plain laser labels
  • Avery-style laser labels
  • A4 laser labels
  • Plain adhesive labels
Whatever labels you need, we have them here for you.

Order your laser labels now, with free delivery.


Security Labels

Design your labels Now

Security labels and Asset Labels are becoming more vital in many different areas of business and travel, such as: 

  • Asset Labels for Asset Tracking
  • Aircraft Security Seals
  • Tamper proof seals 
  • Computer Labels    
  • Recorded Media Seals    
  • Genuine Product Proof Labels for Brand Protection
  • Holographic Guarantee / Warranty Labels

Security Labels and Tamper-Evident Labels
With all the recent focus on aircraft security, many of our customers for labels and stickers in the airline industry are pleased to know we are happy to quote for producing all types of tamper-evident labels, aviation and aircraft security labels and seals, including bag seals, security stickers, labels and printed tapes.

  With the current high profile travel security issues, with passengers travelling from the UK having to use clear plastic bags for restricted hand luggage, we are able to continue to offer our security bag seals. Security at airports and sea ports is an issue that is unlikely to go away, and these security label products make for safer air travel and ease of passenger security management.

Vinyl Labels 
Vinyl labels are also in high demand, as these provide high levels of durability. They are ideal labels for use in a manufacturing or outdoors environments, as the production process protects the print and/or barcode on the vinyl label.

We are also delighted to quote for labels printed by flexography (also called surface printing), often abbreviated to flexo, which is a method of printing most commonly used for packaging. We offer a wide range of product ranges for printing for packaging - please contact us to find out more.

Asset Labels 
Of course, asset labels and asset label tags are always in high demand, and are a real necessity in today's office and commercial environment. StickyLabels produce asset labels in a durable vinyl material, which is sequentially, or consecutively numbered and can even be supplied with a numbered barcode. These asset labels are ideal for tracking your assets in the office or factory environment.

If you need further advice, call us now on 01205 760 930, email us or order labels online now.